Each year UCCC students and their parents move on to elementary school programs, both in public school districts and private school settings.  Many experience this as new territory and anticipate this move with both excitement and anxiety.  In an effort to inform and support families, UCCC will be offering ongoing meetings for parents to come together to share their thoughts and feelings as they prepare for this transition.

The first meeting will be held in the large play room from 5-6 p.m. on Tuesday, June 21.  Crystal Cauley will represent University City School District and will share ways that the district welcomes new children and families.  Crystal is the Program Director at the Julia Goldstein Early Childhood Center in UCSD.  Judy Saurage, Emotional Enrichment Counselor at UCCC, will join Crystal to address concerns and ideas related to transition.

Please contact Judy at 726-0148 for more information.

Post by Judy Saurage
Emotional Enrichment Counselor