Parent Café: Every day is filled with transitions

UPDATE:  On Thursday, October 4 UCCC will host our first Parent Cafe on Transitions.

Hold On! I jumped the gun on the Parent Cafe. 
Unfortunately I have a draft brochure that has a tentative date for the First Parent Cafe to be this week, but did not confirm that it was still going. It is not. The date on my copy was simply a placeholder. We will have the Parent Cafes in the future, just not this week. Sorry for the miscommunication.

I should get out of my office and talk to people sometimes. Crud. 

On Thursday, October 4, 2012, Some day soon, UCCC will host the first Parent Café of a 3 part series focusing on transitions. Bring your comfy shoes and a playful attitude. We will be serving refreshments and providing a brief presentation and discussion about important parenting strategies for healthy child development regarding transitions. 

The highlight of our Parent Café will be the chance to play with your child and get to know other parents. 

Parent Cafés will be held from 5-6pm.