Working to discover the meaning in a child’s art

On Friday, October 12, 2012, University City Children's Center will host an early closing day for the purpose of staff professional development. The center will operate from 7:00 am until 3:00 pm. Understanding how difficult it can be to have this interruption, especially in the lives of busy adults, we limit the times in which we dismiss early.

On behalf of the staff and administration thanks to the families of UCCC for accommodating and honoring our belief that high quality professional development is essential. Staff and administration will work together to increase the knowledge, skills, attitudes and curriculum understanding for all. Our upcoming professional development is centered on internationally- known literacy consultant, Dr. Susan "Suzie" Nall, Ph.D, and SIUE School of Education professor (Emerita).

Suzie will invite teachers to discover the world of displays using an intentional process, (why must we include literacy). We know that children's art work on classroom walls is cute and fun to look at, however, what does it all mean? How did the child artist get there? We want our teachers to view their displays as an opportunity to educate families and others in the process of supporting children in our curriculum framework of values & character development, early literacy development and the psychodynamic development.

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Post by Peaches Lott