The Power of Playdough!

Giggle, squeals, and yelps are not quite the sounds of a typical factory, yet today they were heard throughout UCCC as we celebrated our 2nd Playdough Factory Day. What is that? Playdough Factory Day is when we all STOP! to think, create, and get messy! Today was one massive hour filled with playdough of all different kinds: orange cinnamon, pumpkin pie, basil salt, and black licorice are just a few of the featured scents.

Will we ever get all the flour off our clothes?

The idea for the day started a few years back. We started to tell people about our approach by using the example of playdough. Last year, we instituted Playdough Day as a way to show all the types of learning contained in one activity: Psychodynamic, Literacy, and Values and Character.

Grandparents, family, and friends shared in the experience. Held in conjunction with this year’s playdough factory was a session for Missouri public office holders, among them St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley and Representative Jill Schupp, who participated in discussion led by Child Care Aware regarding the recent budget cuts affecting early childhood.

Overall, it was a great experience for children. Just another example of UCCC stretching the envelope and thinking creatively about how to give children the best possible early childhood experience.


Post by Kris Schwetye


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