Halloween is a fun holiday for children of all ages

For us at University City Children’s Center, dressing up in our favorite clothes is a daily experience. However, pretending to be momma on her way to work; or the dog who needs his belly rubbed; or even daddy cooking dinner for the kids, is a part of how we support children better understand their world. We create an environment that is safe, allowing them to play out different roles in their world and gaining new understandings.

Trust is a big part of this type of play. Children grow to trust their environment and the people in it as they enter into their own world of pretend. Children also love the play on identity, “I am not Mary today, call me Dora.” “Look I am a big strong monster truck.” However when they are ready they need to be themselves and trust that it is ok, “No, I am Mary again.” “No, it’s time for lunch I am not the monster truck anymore.” Children can do this all day when they feel safe.

Dressing up, however, as another person and disguising yourself is somewhat different for children. Therefore we celebrate the spirit of disguise by allowing all children to participate in an all school Halloween Parade. You are invited to send your child to school dressed in their favorite disguise. Join us as we parade around our gallery and then onto our parking lot and circling next door onto our neighbor’s parking lot, ending back at UCCC.

Bring your camera and get a snap shot of some of the most creative disguises you will ever see. Parents are welcomed to disguise themselves; we plan to roll out this fun event:

Wednesday, October 31, 2012
University City Children’s Center
Rain plan, parade around gallery

Post by Peaches Lott

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