Is it time for a two-wheeler, here is a training suggestion

Photograph by StockbyteSummer is almost here and the bikes are coming out. If you are thinking it is time to move your child from a tricycle to a two-wheeler, read on...

Having gone through the fun but often difficult process of teaching my girls how to ride a two-wheel bike, getting them to let go of training wheels is almost as hard as "losing the binky." What if they never had training wheels? The article, "Down With Training Wheels" may be onto something. 

For generations, training wheels have been the standard way of not teaching children how to ride a bike. It’s a time-honored childhood ritual: fumble with wrench, remove tiny wheels, watch child fall on face, repeat.

I am not sure you need to buy a specific balance bike, because you can get a similar effect by removing pedals. The idea of first learning balance before taking on the task of pedaling does sound like a good plan. However, one tool I highly recommend for teaching a child to ride a bike is a bike trainer handle of some kind. It is worth it's weight in gold.

Do you have any suggestions for families working to teach the art of riding a two-wheeler? Add you tips, suggestions or questions in the comment section below.

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Jeffrey Pomranka