Do we have an Australian playground?

A chain of child care centers in Australia is looking at building new playgrounds where:

Children would be given trees to climb in, a creek to explore and material to build cubby houses under proposals for a new childcare centre and kindergarten which aims to buck the trend of wrapping them in cotton wool. (The Courier-Mail article)

Does that sound like our adventure playground? We have built an outdoor play space where children can learn to take appropriate risk and build resiliency. As author, educator and parenting specialist Maggie Dent says so well, 

What worries me is we have spent so much time trying to safely guide our children and prevent bad things from happening to them that we are dissolving their ability to judge risk for themselves which ironically sets them up for disaster. (full article)

It looks like the UCCC playground model is moving around the world!

Post by
Jeffrey Pomranka