Intentional Living [Part 2 of 3]

This year, we’re going to be talking a lot about transitions so that we become more intentional in the ways we say goodbye and hello. Some suggestions for implementing this in your family’s life is to talk about saying goodbye, telling your child you will miss him or her during the day, that you think of him or her while you are apart, and encouraging him or her to enjoy time with teachers and friends. Talk to your child about how you are going to stay connected during the day and allow your child to choose a transitional object to bring to school or give him or her a special toy or item to hold on to when you are not there. Some children may not need or want this, but it is important to have the conversation with him or her, and the need for a transitional object may change depending on what‘s going on in the child’s life.
  • Talk with your children at all ages. You are laying the foundation for language.
  • Show your feelings to your child and give them words to understand them.
  • Listen to your child, not only through his or her words but also through actions. 
  • Behavior is communication, and we must try to understand what children are telling us.


 Next up: part 3 - Loving Your Child

Post By Sarah Boeker