No electricity doesn’t stop the power of play

Today the electric grid that UCCC is on went down for about 90 minutes. But not having lights did not stop the fun and learning our children experience everyday.

The Big Dippers used flashlights to explore the dark bathrooms and then took lunch outside to enjoy in the sun. They made the experience fun! Although we are wondering how the banana bread in an automatic breadmaker will turn out.

The MilkyWays brought in coolers full of ice to keep the breast milk cold and fresh, while opening the shades to let the natural light fill the room. When fresh air was wanted, being able to open their door to the playground was a perfect solution.

While the kids had fun, kept playing and learning the administration took this time to also learn. For example we discovered that our uninterruptible power supplies work well and can keep the phones on for about an hour. 

Overall, we are pleased with how our teachers and students kept right on moving with the flow of no electricity, but finding plenty of power for learning and fun. Proving that we don’t have to be plugged in.

Perhaps you can make an opportunity tonight to talk with your child about electricity, what it does and how we can all adjust when the lights stop working.


Post by
Jeffrey Pomranka