DIAL - What is it and Why?

On Monday we began our semi-annual screening  our children three and older using the DIAL a.k.a. "Developmental Indicators of the Assessment of Learning." (link) The formal description is:

"This is a complete tool for screening preschooler and kindergarten children. In screens Motor Concepts and language skills. Children complete fun, age appropriate tasks using bright, appealing, child-friendly materials. The materials are provided one at a time in three different areas. Children move from area to area to complete the task. The tasks take about 30 minutes to complete. Children will pick up and return to the classroom after the tasks are completed. Parents do not need to stay with children during screening time."

What that means is our preschool age children will spend some one-on-one time with a teacher they know and try some fun physical activities like jumping, hopping and building with blocks. They will talk about solving problems and answer fun questions like, "What do you do when you enter a dark room?"

The process will take about two weeks for every child to complete and will be administered between 9am and 12pm. If you are able to have your preschool age child arrive by 9am every day that can be helpful.

Any questions, be sure to ask your child's teacher or contact Ms. Faosat. [fadelani@uccc.org].


Post by
Jeffrey Pomranka