Join our Block Party

On Friday, February 8th UCCC is hosting our first, of what we hope will be annual, Block Party! After all the unit block has been around for 100 years and is widely recognized as a key building block for early child development. (Sorry, the pun could not be helped.)

Come and see all the wonderful opportunities blocks provide for early child development. 

  • Physical skill of lifting, building, and moving blocks around
  • Math skills of counting, matching, sorting, grouping, adding, subtracting, and noticing weight and length
  • Coming up with new ideas for making a bridge or tower
  • Learning to work with other children as they listen to other ideas and share

NOTE: Bullet points are taken from "Blocks: Great Toys for All Ages" a pdf published by Better Kid Care at Penn State

WHAT: Block Party
WHEN: Feb. 8 @ 9:30am
WHO: Children, Parents, Family, and anyone who loves blocks

Post by
Jeffrey Pomranka