Bubble Play

Lola smiled as she moved her hands through the foam bubbles. She would take both hands to gather the bubbles and try to kiss them, each time leaving a few bubbles resting on the end of her nose.

Bubble play can be great fun for children and an easy activity to set up. Simply take a bottle of your baby wash and pour some under running water in a sink. As the bubbles start to grow, simply scoop them out of the sink and and put them where your child can get to them. 

Everyone knows how children love to play with water, think about bubbles as being water play without getting too wet. It can be calming and soothing for a toddler to touch and by leaving the faucet running you can add sound to the sensory experience.

With the bubbles popping and disappearing on their own, clean up is as simple as wiping off the table at the end.

For some variety try lavender wash (it can help calm before nap or bed time) or shaving cream.








 Post by Melissa Luster & Jeffrey Pomranka

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