UCCC.org is updated & improved

Our website has been updated with a new design, additional content and a responsive template that should look great on any size screen. 

When you visit us on your phone or other small screen, the navigation bar will disappear and be accessible by the small plus sign + in the upper right corner. Click it to access the full navigation menu.

We have also updated our Teachers & Staff page. Now you can quickly and easily see the teachers in each room and by clicking on their photo or name you can learn more about each teacher. Of course our teachers spend more time working with children than on a computer, so not all of their bios are updated. 

There is actually a lot that we will continue to improve and modify as time goes on, but we thought it was about time to launch our new site and continue to work on improving it. We will watch our analytics, but would also like to have your input. If there is something you would like to see added, changed or improved, please take a minute to send your thoughts.

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