Babies as predictors...supported by lap time reading

Patti & Desmond reading in the Milky WaysSix-month old infants are capable of making predictions based on probability. Babies make predictions base on the relationships with the adults in their lives. Babies deeply desire partnerships with attuned adults. As the relationship is developing so is the brain. Their brains have more synapses, or connections between neurons than adults. These connections are lost if we don't use them. Babies need robust interactions in order to stimulate these connections.

Lap time reading is critical for development of healthy relationship, as babies develop language they are developing the ability to experience attuned predictable relationships. Reading with your baby, talking with your baby, reading your baby's cues' are key for developing attunement. As children to grow to toddlerhood, it is evident that toddlers who helped and shared in group care have parents who more tuned in to them and often ask them to explain emotions depict in books. Young babies can already understand and predict some things that are going on in the minds of others. Empathy is being developed and formed through the predictability of the relationship.

Post by: Stephen Zwolak

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