Aloha! to Hawaii [summer camp plans]

Children will explore sand and water while experiencing the Polynesian traditions of Hawaii.   

Morning Gathering:
This week the Big Dipper teachers and children will put on a skit based off a Hawaiian children’s book. Also we will be exploring the sacred dance native to  the Hawaiian people, the hula. We will explain its meaning behind its graceful movements and the style of its music.

Dramatic Role Play:
The Comets will create a surf shop where each day we will add a different feature to the shop. On Monday they’ll be able to catch the waves on their surf boards and decorate them. Then on Tuesday we will introduce the Hula dance along with leis and fire blowers. Finally on Thursday the shop will be open for business and there will be a special presentation of Hula Dance by the children. 

We will use two substances to create a third and that will be our ocean. We will add creatures to our ocean. We will also create a volcano and use the projector to show the children the different sea creatures and the volcano erupt. We will also create cool Lava out of glue and liquid starch.

Click to download the curriculm plan for Aloha!

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