Staying Safe in St. Louis Summer

Young children are susceptible to be impacted by the HEAT.

At UCCC, we watch the heat index, the heat index enables us to determine whether our children need to stay indoors. Children need to stay hydrated even before during the warmer weather, even before they go outside. UCCC will post a heat index warning in the lobby when necessary. 

Prevention is the best remedy!

  • Make sure children stays hydrated. Encourage children to drink water regularly, even before they asks for it. Have the children set up a play store selling water shop.
  • Plan for more time to rest than usual; heat can often make children feel tired. Plan more slow paced activities, read stories in the Firefly Reading Garden.
  • When children are feeling hot, give him time to cool down or water mist to cool down. Use the hose play, misters or play in the Tea House.
  • Don’t forget about the effects of sun exposure. Sunscreen is critical. Hats are another defensive measure for children. 
  • Never leave children in a car especially when temperatures are high. The temperature inside the car can become much higher than the outside temperature, and can rise to temperatures that cause death.


Download Child Care Weather Watch pdf.

Post by Steve Zwolak