Thoughts from Mr. Z [July 8th]

Center Director
I know you all have been wondering about how we are planning to fill the Center Director position. There has been a significant amount deliberation about the next steps. I have been getting feedback from the teachers...what do they want to see in the Center Director?  I am looking at entire Administrative Team structure as move forward. I will fill you in with more details when there is more to share We are getting closer to a more solid decision about the direction.
If you have questions, let me know.

Family survey
I want to acknowledge the responsiveness of our families. We will do a full report out when we finish collecting the data. The biggest challenge identified for us,is how our administration communicate "changes that impact children such as changes in classroom , teachers or use of special services are discussed with families before decision are made." We have begun the dialogue about strategies to most effectively enhance our ability to communicate information.
I am looking forward presenting our feedback about the survey.

Pergola and the Trellis
I hope you take the time to see the progress of the Trellis and Pergola. The volunteers have work over the past two weekends as you can see there is significant progress. The scope of the project has grow, we are considering going the entire length of the playground.

Heat Protection
Young children are susceptible to be impacted by the HEAT. A blog post about how to survive the St. Louis summer outlines our thoughts.


Post by Steve Zwolak