Peaches' Perspective

I started as Center Director for University City Children’s Center on August 5th, 2013. It is amazing to me how quickly five months have passed by! We are in a New Year, and I am in a new position at UCCC. There have been a lot of transitions going on with the holidays and winter weather. Through all of the changes, I really just wanted to stop and take a breath and reflect. Hopefully you can take a breath with me as I share monthly, what I have learned, and valuable lessons I can share with families and friends of UCCC.

My first step is to share what attracted me to work at this particular childcare center. Why University City Children’s Center? I have found through experience that many childcare programs focus on the comforts and discomforts of their employees, not putting the children’s needs first. It is not an easy task to balance the needs of families, children, and employees. One thing that has remained consistent, no matter where I was working, was what parents expected:

Parents want their children taken care of in a safe environment, with opportunities to learn, and teachers who can easily articulate what they know about their children.

Out of all the childcare places I have encountered, UCCC understands that children, families, and employees are equal in their needs for understanding and development. One group is not placed above the other. At UCCC there is a common thread: no matter what the circumstance, everyone is approached with empathy, compassion and respect. It has been such a joy to connect with everyone at UCCC.

I am excited to share personal stories and my perspective as it relates to parenting, child development, and the world of childcare. Over the holidays we faced a lot of transitions, here is a fun article to help parents and friends of UCCC cope with being stuck inside during this St. Louis winter! Throw on coats, connect as a family, and have some fun!

Post by Peaches Lott