Toddler Life: 2-year-olds

                                          What are 2-year-olds like?

  • Vigorous, enthusiastic, and outgrowing some baby ways
  • Tires easily and then misses mom
  • Plays among a group of others but not with them
  • Says, “NO!” whenever they have a chance
  • Wants what they want immediately – no waiting
  • Needs a ritual, just like yesterday
  • Suspicious of new situations
  • Have difficulty making up their minds
  • Finds undressing easy; dressing is harder
  • Possessive, not able to share
  • Violent emotions, anger in particular
  • Mom is a favorite companion, but they enjoy other family members
  • Still fearful of separation, resists going to bed
  • Sense of humor
2YrOld (480x640).jpg

The Not So Terrible Twos

2-year-olds are often referred to as the “terrible twos” but they are the purest of human beings. They go for want they want, when they want it. They are beginning to develop their social filters as they explore their world. They are a paradox as they manage their journey…as difficult as they can be – they are truly adorable and charming; loving lap time and closeness as they re-fuel for their next adventure. Independence is a key theme as they navigate the world and they are susceptible to the nuances of shame and their world is filled with doubt. They need to refuel often, even when they do not think they need it.

 What can 2-year-olds do?

  • Moves quickly and without help
  • Can go up and down stairs alone, holding on a railing
  • Climbs, pushes, pulls, digs, and carries
  • Expresses happiness by smiling
  • Becoming more confident feeding self
  • Can stay dry for longer periods of time
  • Understands more than they can express and is difficult to understand
  • Uses materials in an exploratory fashion
  • Can hit, bite, or cry when angry, needs understanding more than punishment 

The Power of Language and Language has Power

They love to explore the power of language, they begin to cognitively see that their words have an effect on others…”NO” They are finding that their words hold power over parents, family members and friends; 2-year-olds are still experiencing a sense of ambivalence that makes decision making confusing and complex, sometimes “YES” means “NO” and “NO” means “YES!”  They love new words and vocabulary enhancement is critical as they learn and grow emotionally and socially.

 Post by Steve Zwolak