Summer Camp is Starting the Week of June 16th!

Photo by  Jeffery Pomranka

Summer Camp for the entire school is starting next week! We are all so excited to play, splash, laugh, and learn! Parents, please remember that every Wednesday is Water Wednesday! Please bring in appropriate clothes (swimsuit, sun shirt, hat) for the kids to splash in! 

Week 1   Magical Worlds      June 16th-20th  
We will dive into summer camp by exploring the fantastic world of magic, wizards, and fairies. The children will enjoy a wide range of magical stories through play.
(Special guest: Thursday June 19th Jo-Jo the Clown)

 Week 2   Construction!        June 23rd-27th 
The next stop on our summer adventure will be all about construction. The children will discover all manners of building, from nuts and bolts to high-rise structures.
(Special guest: Friday June 27th Oh My Gosh Josh)

 Week 3   Eye of the Tiger: Fitness Week   June  30th-July 4th
Our third week of camp will focus on physical fitness. The week will be filled with gross-motor activities and games! On the 3rd, we will host a whole-school cookout and field day, complete with an obstacle course!
(Special guest: Tuesday July 1st Babaloo)

We will be closed for July 4th (Friday)

 Week 4   Under the Sea        July 7th-11th    
We change gears after Independence Day to discover the underwater world. Sharks and penguins and sea anemones, oh my!
(Special guest: Friday July 11th Bubble Bus)

 Week 5   Winter Wonderland           July 14th-18th   
From underwater to icy climes we go! During the sweltering week in the middle of July, the children will explore ice and snow!
(Special guest: Friday July 18th Murray’s Shaved Ice)

 Week 6   Muddy Adventures           July 21st-25th   
Back by popular demand, we will conclude our summer experience with the muddiest, messiest week of fun! Get ready for a week of gooey, oozy, mucky delights.
(Special guest: Friday July 25th LeBrell’s Petting Zoo)

 A hearty THANK YOU to all of the teachers for their hard work and planning, especially Hitomi and Teri (the leaders of Summer Camp 2014!).