Summer Camp 2014 - Magical Worlds!

Summer Camp is such a fun time here at UCCC! I (Ms. Peaches) want to share stories and pictures over the next 6 weeks. Let's start with the first week of Summer Camp, it is all about magic!

There is nothing more magical than entering into The Dragon Book, which is a living book. Today I was an honored guest in the role play of three friends in the Super Star classroom, Phinn, Aiden, and Gus between the ages of 4-5. The book began with each child sharing who they where, Phinn announced that he was, "A two headed dragon with wings!" and that both of his heads were boy heads and this magical dragon can blast out wing gas, then he through his body to the couch.

Next Aiden shared that he was a lava, fire, electric breathing dragon then threw himself to the couch. Gus was a human trainer who trusted them. Gus would feed them fish each day. As I asked more questions to understand these magical dragons, Aiden shouted "It all started when me and Phinn were asleep and Gus comes along, Gus, you have to tap our feet to wake us up, then the Dragons wake up, then we ate all the fish he had cooked us and we went back to sleep. Dragons need lots of rest and food."

Phinn explained why he had wings "so I can catch my prey" these young boys smiled and threw themselves onto the couch. Gus then announced "it's time to clean up hide!" The end! 

After all, Dragons don't clean up :)

Post By Peaches Lott