Hello from Ms. Peaches

Photo by  Jeffrey Pomranka

Hello families! As the Center Director of University City Children’s Center, it has been wonderful to meet you and your children. How time flies, I have been Center Director for six months and here we are at the start of Summer Camp (June 16th) and we are saying good-bye to many of our children starting Kindergarten. During this transition into summer I wanted to check in and reintroduce myself. You will see me in the classrooms, at the front desk and in my office (located behind the front desk). 

We are thankful that you have chosen UCCC as the center for your child(ren) and we want to make sure that we are constantly innovating and improving our programs. UCCC’s Approach, The Spheres of Understanding, support intentional teaching practices. We integrate each sphere (Values & Character Development, Psychodynamic Development, and Early Literacy Development) into daily practice. Within each sphere, there are key elements of children's growth that are based on developmental theory, observational research, and current brain research. If you want to read more about our Approach click here.

We will be sending out our annual Family Survey this month and we find your feedback to be invaluable. Here are four updates to keep you in the loop about developments at UCCC: 

  1. Safety – Over the past year we have addressed practices to continue to ensure safety here at UCCC. For example, the front desk has a panic button installed, volunteers in the building have identification (nametags) and signs with bios explaining the volunteers are posted outside of classrooms. There is also consistent practice and training of all emergency drills. 
  2. Teaching Strategies GOLD – This is a new online assessment system for teachers. We are always searching for resources that will benefit the children, teachers, and families. GOLD is a developmentally appropriate play-based assessment tool that will be used in addition to DECA and DIAL. 
  3. Taking Steps to Healthy Success – Missouri is one of just six states piloting this national project, Taking Steps to Healthy Success aims to promote healthy environments and policies at early child care centers across Missouri. This year UCCC’s cook, Ms. Desiree, has been implementing new menu options and healthy substitutions (for example, replacing syrup with apple sauce) through UCCC’s participation in this collaborative effort. 
  4. TCID (Teacher-child interaction development) – Along with professional development programs for our teachers, we use TCID as a process to improve teacher and child interactions in the classroom. It is a deeply reflective experience that provides one-on-one supervision and guidance, collaborative direction, and coaching for the teachers. You will see me spending time in the classrooms to work on TCID.  

Thank you for reading what we have been up to here at UCCC. We look forward to your feedback on the Family Survey. We hope everyone has a safe and fun summer! 

Post by Ms. Peaches 
Center Director