California, here comes Ellie!

California, here they come!

It's hard to believe that the the beaches of San Diego are just a few days away!  Weren't they just on the beaches of South Carolina? As this epic ride across America nears completion, we thought we'd give you another slice of life on the bike. Since our last update, Ellie and friends have knocked off Texas, New Mexico and Arizona!  

Ocean breezes and the cool waters of the Pacific feel like a bit of a mirage to Ellie and her fellow cyclists as they leave Arizona for the hottest and most desolate stretch of their ride, through California's Mojave desert.  For the first time in 5 weeks the group will have van support to provide water and snacks...and, best of all, MUSIC!  Now don't be thinking they'll be lightening their load in any way...they will continue to look like pack mules, carrying all of their own gear!

Mountain climbs, exhilarating downhills, an abundance of flat tires (Ellie holds the record!), encounters with like-minded cyclists, a less fortunate encounter with goat head thorns (speaking of flat tires!), breathtaking bring-you-to-tears views and a bond forged for a lifetime between 10 kids who were strangers just six weeks ago, have made for a memorable summer.

On each of the five phone calls home during these last six weeks, Ellie has commented  on the motivation she draws from knowing that her daily struggles and victories are for a larger purpose.  Your sponsorship of that purpose fuel her and have buoyed her when she has needed it most.  Not a day has passed when she has not felt a deep sense of gratitude for that support.  

San Diego, HERE WE COME!

Post by Laura Towle

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