The Magic of Birthdays!

What makes a birthday celebration magical for a child? Birthdays are a big deal and a wonderful cause for celebration, but sometimes we as adults get wrapped up in the event and can forget the simple things that provide such joy for our children. So what makes a successful birthday experience for your young child?

  • Make it as intimate as possible. A good rule of thumb is to invite the number of guests for your child to play with based on their age plus one (for example, a three year old would have four friends at their party). Why limit the guest list? You want your child to be the center of attention. 
  • Have the party in a safe and familiar environment. This will help to make your child feel at ease and excited to participate! 
  • Make it a party! Have instruments, play music, or make music! 
  • Include food and activities that your child likes. Does your child love to play with blocks? Borrow some from a UCCC classroom! Does your child (age 2 and up) love flashlights? Pass out flashlights to the kids, dim the lights, turn on some fun music and have a dance party. 
  • Create games that allow your child to say goodbye  and hello. What does this mean? Birthday candles and cake are a great example. Talk about how last year they had three candles on their cake and this year they have four. 
  • If your child is older (3 years old and up) have them help to design and make the invitations and have them help with deciding what is on the menu. It is a great way to have your child participate in the planning. 

We love honoring birthdays with our children and families at the Center. Did you know that UCCC is 45 years old this year? That is a lot of birthday candles to count. Happy celebrating!