The Value of Trust

Thank you for trusting…

I am constantly amazed at how the UCCC Spheres of Understanding (values and character development, early literacy development, and psychodynamic development) are lived out each day by the teachers here. UCCC teachers truly understand children. 

As I was passing through a classroom the other day, I overheard something a teacher said that struck me. The teacher was handing back to a child a stick or something similar and the teacher said "Thank you for trusting me to take care of your…" I did not hear the rest of the sentence as I was already out the door. Once I registered what I had heard, I just kept thinking about the meaningfulness of those words.

The teacher showed tremendous respect for that child and who that child is by holding on to and returning the item to the child (it was just a stick after all). This seems so simple, but I know that teachers get busy and the things that a child gives them to hold can easily get set down or lost in the activity of a classroom or outdoors. The teacher also honored the child by understanding that the child displayed courage and trust in requesting the teacher to hold that item for her. The teacher, through her words and actions, was able to show the child (and the other children in the classroom) the significance of trust and how to build trusting relationships.

This interaction reminded me of what we at UCCC are being entrusted with each and every day. Children give us their hearts and minds to hold and families give us their children as well as their own hearts to hold. We do our best each and every day to honor the courage and trust that the children and families at UCCC give to us. Thank you for trusting us to take care of your children, families, hearts, and minds. 

Post by Jessica Sims