DIY Sprinkler Fun

"We made a sprinkler by taking a recycled bottle and poking holes in it. In the afternoon we attached it to the hose and fun happened!  We then brought it back out for the whole school to enjoy on the Adventure Playground. We also made a water limbo stick by putting holes in a pool noodle and sticking a hose in it. It was a blast!" - Ms. Christine from the Horizons Classroom 

You can recreate this fun in your own backyard. You will need: 

Plastic milk/juice/drink container 
Duct tape
Pool noodle 
Long nail or screwdriver

To poke holes in the plastic container/pool noodle supervise your child with a long nail or screwdriver and have them poke holes all over the container or noodle. This DIY project is better suited for children ages 4 and up. Happy sprinkler time!