Food for Thought: The kitchen crew keeps our kids healthy and happy

Each week Ms. Desiree, kitchen manager, and Ms. Veronica, kitchen assistant, wheel in yummy and nutritious meals and snacks for our UCCC kids. With special diets, allergies, CACFP (Child and Adult Care Food Program) guidelines, and our kids' health in mind, Ms. Desiree always crafts a menu that the kids are sure to enjoy. 

Planning, ordering, receiving, and cooking, Ms. Desiree and Ms. Veronica maintain an organized system while also incorporating fresh produce harvested from the UCCC garden. Ms. Desiree will be celebrating her 10th year at UCCC in 2016 and is credited with making significant improvements over the years. Switching from canned to fresh fruit and vegetables, avoiding sugary foods and recipes, and making the process of accessing and sharing information about food more friendly for UCCC parents, Ms. Desiree is taking every step to ensure the best for our kids. 

When asked what she enjoys most about working at UCCC, Ms. Desiree said "seeing the kids' friendly faces every day, their faces just light up and they are so excited to know what's on the menu." She shared that the kids' favorites include spaghetti, sauteed Brussels sprouts, and meatloaf. 

Ms. Desiree and Ms. Peaches are at work to make UCCC a recognized "Eat Smart" school. They will review the UCCC system and Eat Smart guidelines so that we may be considered an advanced Eat Smart school by the end of the year. Watch for updates on our blog and in future newsletters. 

Thank you Ms. Desiree and Ms. Veronica for all you do for UCCC!