Thank You to Bring Me A Book St. Louis!

University City Children's Center was the lucky recipient of four rolling carts of beautifully illustrated and written children's books for our preschool classrooms from Bring Me A Book St. Louis. We are grateful for the support to keep our classrooms stocked with thoughtful titles for our children and families.

If you see these books in your child's classroom please feel free to pick one out, snuggle up in the gallery, and take a moment to read! 

Did you know?
UCCC identifies literacy as the linchpin to current and future academic success for all children. UCCC offers a literacy-based curriculum which supports the social, emotional, and intellectual health of children. The St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute provides our teachers with highly specialized training in the psychodynamic development of children, which, in turn, supports the social and emotional health of children. Thus literacy becomes the overlay for a deeper understanding of our children.