“Let’s make 2017 the kindest year ever.” - Elmo

I came across this Elmo video a couple weeks ago while home with my sick daughter and thought that it was worth sharing:

At this time of year, we are often making resolutions that focus on the self (eat better, go to the gym more, use Facebook less), but I love the idea of focusing our resolutions outward to make our world a better place.  

For children, kindness can be shown through the simple act of sharing or comforting a friend who is upset. We understand that these are the building blocks of empathy. As I thought about empathy in young children and adults, I began to think about all of UCCC’s values (trust, love, empathy, compassion, and joy) and how they might be a big part of a new year’s resolution to ‘be kind.’

Kindness can and should include simple acts such as sharing, comforting someone, or making someone laugh, but I think we can dig deeper into kindness. How can we use trust, love, empathy, compassion, and joy to be kind not just to those we know and like, but also to those who we have just met or who challenge us?

Post by Jessica Sims